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Costs Budgeting for the Defendant

As you know, the rules around costs budgeting and costs management changed in April 2013 making it more important than ever to get costs right, particularly with multi track claims.  At County Cost Consultants, our costs budgeting and management service includes, preparation of Defendants costs to date and future costs projections, Points in Dispute to Claimants Form H’s and advocacy during the costs management stage.

Costs budgeting can be a lengthy and time-consuming process.  However, the County Cost Consultants team will help you speed up the procedure and provide you with a reliable, professional service.

For a cost consultancy you can count on to provide unrivalled costs budgeting services for defendants, please call County Cost Consultants today on 0844 579 6885 or email our highly skilled law cost draftsman team:

See what our clients have to say…

We have used the services of County Cost Consultants Ltd for a number of years now and their performance and the results they achieve have been consistently excellent and better than all other costs draftsmen or lawyers that we have used previously. They consistently produce excellent bills and achieve very quick and very good results and payments. Alex Clapp, Director, often has personal conduct of negotiating settlements in our cases and this leads to a superb level of recovery for us. We have also always found County Cost’s staff without exception to be extremely competent, thorough and efficient. I would recommend County Cost’s services very highly indeed.
Michael Saul, TJL solicitors
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