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Are professional negligence claims against solicitors on the rise…?

Posted Thursday 2nd October 2014

The short answer is yes.  Especially in areas such as the personal injury market.  In many instances, the buck stops with solicitors so, rightly or wrongly, the fallout when things go wrong is aimed at solicitors – and hence why the occurrences of solicitors’ compensation claims is on the rise too.

At County Cost Consultants, we believe the reason for the increase in professional negligence claims against solicitors is due to the simple fact that we’re living in an increasingly litigation-focused world.

When your clients employ the services of a professional, it’s true and perfectly correct that they will be expecting a consummate level of service. This applies to all business and industry sectors – from doctors and architects, to consultants, accountants and the legal profession.

Clients turn to you for your valued professional opinion – upon which they will rely now more than ever.  And the same is said for all other professional service providers.  That’s because we live in an age that is not only much faster paced than fifty years ago, but far more demanding and, thanks to the advent of technology, more complex too.

Furthermore, many professional services businesses are challenged by budgets and cost-cutting exercises.  This means that clients may be dealing with junior staff, or perhaps overburdened employees.

With this in mind, and coupled with the litigation frenzy of recent years, there is a far greater opportunity nowadays for error – and compensation.  And that’s why at County Cost Consultants we believe that professional negligence claims are becoming a more common occurrence.

The most common reasons for professional negligence claims against solicitors…

Despite years of rigorous training, an ongoing commitment to CIPD, stringent professional rules of conduct, and strict regulation in England and Wales by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), some solicitors are still falling foul of their professional duties to their clients.

Reasons for professional negligence claims against solicitors start with there being a far greater occurrence of individuals knowing their rights and entitlements – whether this information is correct or not.

In all professional dealings, it is imperative that solicitors follow the Solicitors Code of Conduct - the guide to ‘good practice’.  However, there are instances where solicitors fail to meet these expectations.

Other reasons for professional negligence claims against solicitors include solicitors ‘failing to provide the reasonable due care and attention that should normally apply to the given situation’.  Admittedly, to non-legal professionals this could seem rather vague and ambiguous.  However, professional negligence is very much a legal concept.  And, ultimately, a court or tribunal may need decide whether, on the basis of the evidence in front of it, a solicitor is negligent - although allegations of professional negligence are often resolved prior to this stage.

Talk to County Cost Consultants... we have the specialist skills to deal with a wide range of professional negligence cases.

Since 2000, the County Costs Consultants’ team has been dealing with an extensive variety of professional negligence cases.  We have the essential knowledge and expertise required to deal with intensely demanding, challenging and intricate professional negligence claims.  We understand the importance of attention to detail and patience when dealing with complex arguments.  And we take pride in our ability to recover costs quickly and efficiently.

At County Cost Consultants, we believe that expertise and competence is essential to ensuring successful resolutions and outcomes when dealing with professional negligence claims against all industry sectors and individuals covering business, legal and medical – to name but a few.

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We have used the services of County Cost Consultants Ltd for a number of years now and their performance and the results they achieve have been consistently excellent and better than all other costs draftsmen or lawyers that we have used previously. They consistently produce excellent bills and achieve very quick and very good results and payments. Alex Clapp, Director, often has personal conduct of negotiating settlements in our cases and this leads to a superb level of recovery for us. We have also always found County Cost’s staff without exception to be extremely competent, thorough and efficient. I would recommend County Cost’s services very highly indeed.
Michael Saul, TJL solicitors
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