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Popularity of cosmetic dentistry sees rise in dental clinical negligence cases…

Posted Tuesday 7th October 2014

The number of dental clinical negligence cases isn’t rising as dramatically as some reports may lead you to believe.  However, there is a slow, yet steady, increase in the number of patients reporting occurrences of dental clinical negligence – particularly in cosmetic dentistry.

Whilst the vast majority of dentists and dental technicians are very good at what they do, errors unfortunately still occur.  However, the cost of human error is far greater when the fallout is an emotional and / or physical impact on an individual’s health and wellbeing.

We are now living in a world where expectations of service, treatment and health care are far higher than in previous years.  The Patients’ Charter, along with a revised NHS Complaints Procedure implemented in 1996, has led to patients developing a greater understanding of their rights and ability to question the treatment with which they are provided, and to pursue the relevant compensation, justifications, redress and actions in the event they have suffered at the hands of a negligent dental professional

Furthermore, litigation is proving to be easier, faster, cheaper and more accessible nowadays due to the civil justice reforms and new Rules of Court.

The impact that dental clinical negligence can have on a patient’s life is profound.  At the very least, dental clinical negligence can cause unnecessary pain and suffering, emotional stress and anxiety, financial expense, and a loss of earnings.  Furthermore, and in certain cases, patients are sometimes advised by their dentist to consent to more radical or invasive surgery than is actually necessary.

That’s why it is only natural that when a client comes to you wishing to make a legitimate dental clinical negligence claim, they are afforded the swift resolution they deserve.


Great expectations: Dental trends versus dental clinical negligence claims

As one of the UK’s leading full-service cost consultants, County Cost Consultants understands your industry demands and challenges.  And we believe that the increase in dental clinical negligence cases is widely attributed to two factors: First, an increase in patients’ expectations, awareness and confidence of their rights and entitlements to an exemplary level of care, and second, a rise in the popularity of cosmetic dental surgery and dental implants.

Cosmetic surgery encompasses teeth whitening (bleaching), porcelain veneers, crown and bridgework, as well as orthodontic work.  Dental implants are now the most widely used and preferred option with which to replace missing teeth.

Both cosmetic surgery and the fitting of dental implants are highly specialised skills that require great expertise, dexterity and knowledge.  But when surgery goes wrong, the results are often disastrous.  For example, in the event that dental implants are fitted incorrectly, they can damage the nerve of a nearby tooth, or potentially penetrate the sinus cavity.  And in the event that orthodontic work is not carried out correctly, badly fitting braces can lead to infection and severe pain.

Furthermore, some dental practices are now even offering Botox and dermal fillers to patients too.  So perhaps this suggests that dental practices should concentrate on patients’ dentistry requirements and wellbeing over and above providing a whole menu of ‘extras’.

Talk to County Cost Consultants... we have the specialist knowledge, experience and expertise to deal with even the most complex of dental clinical negligence cases.

Since 2000, the County Costs Consultants’ law cost draftsman team and law cost negotiators have been dealing with an extensive variety of demanding and challenging cosmetic dentistry claims.  We understand the importance of patience and attention to detail when dealing with complex arguments.  And we take pride in our ability to recover costs quickly and efficiently.

We believe that our expertise and competence is essential to ensuring successful dental clinical negligence claim resolutions and outcomes.  So for further information on County Cost Consultants’ unrivalled levels of customer service, or to discuss your case in more detail, please call 0844 579 6885 or send us an email

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We have used the services of County Cost Consultants Ltd for a number of years now and their performance and the results they achieve have been consistently excellent and better than all other costs draftsmen or lawyers that we have used previously. They consistently produce excellent bills and achieve very quick and very good results and payments. Alex Clapp, Director, often has personal conduct of negotiating settlements in our cases and this leads to a superb level of recovery for us. We have also always found County Cost’s staff without exception to be extremely competent, thorough and efficient. I would recommend County Cost’s services very highly indeed.
Michael Saul, TJL solicitors
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