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It’s all in the statistics: What you need to know about catastrophic injury claims…

Posted Tuesday 4th November 2014

It’s a proven fact that the rise in catastrophic injury cases is continuing to demonstrate a noticeable trend.  The rise is not admittedly as ‘fast and furious’ as in previous years; however, catastrophic injury claims are still most definitely on the increase.

Perhaps it’s down to the fact that patients are developing a greater awareness of their rights to question medical treatment.  The implementation of The Patients’ Charter (which encourages patients to expect high standards relating to the medical care they receive), as well as a revised NHS Complaints Procedure which was implemented in 1996 mean people are now more aware than ever of their rights.

Or maybe this rise is attributed to a faster pace of life; with a whole host of added pressures, demands, longer working days, and time constraints it comes as no surprise that there are a number of factors which can result in catastrophic errors, misjudgments and accidents.

At County Cost Consultants, we believe that catastrophic injury cases are the consequence of a combination of all the above influences.  The result of a catastrophic injury on a person’s life can be incomprehensible and so it’s only right that when claims are brought to light they are afforded the resolution they deserve.

Catastrophic injury claims statistics on closer inspection…

According to RoSPA, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, the United Kingdom has one of the best road safety records in Europe and the world, and there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of traffic on Britain’s roads since the mid-1980s.  However, in 2012 a total of 1.9 million drivers were either killed or injured in road traffic accidents (RTAs), of which 1,754 were killed, 23,039 were seriously injured, and 170,930 sustained some form of mild to moderate injury.

One of the most common, yet surprising, causes of catastrophic injury claims is slips, trips and falls.  In the UK, over 1 million people are admitted to hospital as a result of a slip, a trip or a fall.  Yet the consequences of slips, trips and falls can be disastrous.  From head injuries, including traumatic brain injury, to serious spine, back and neck problems, as well as broken bones, fractures, or torn ligaments.

A Workplace Safety Advice article recently stated that, “A total of 229 people were killed at work and although this equates to just 0.8 per 100,000 workers, it is still a lot of lives lost”.  The most common reasons for, and causes of, accidents in the workplace are falls, manual handling, lifting, and electrical incidents.  In light of this, The Health and Safety Executive has set targets under the Revitalising Health and Safety initiative to further reduce the occurrence of injuries in the workplace.

Statistics according to a recent Forbes’ article make interesting reading, “In the United States of America in 2012 alone, over $3 billion was spent in medical malpractice payouts, which is an average of one payout every 43 minutes”.  Furthermore, estimated figures suggest that, “Medical errors kill roughly 200,000 patients throughout the United States of America each year. Yet only 15% of the personal-injury lawsuits filed annually involve medical malpractice claims, and more than 80% of those lawsuits end with no payment whatsoever to the injured patient or their survivors”.

Talk to County Cost Consultants... we have the specialist knowledge, experience and expertise to deal with even the most complex of catastrophic injury cases.

As one of the UK’s leading full-service law costs draftsman firms, County Cost Consultants understands your industry demands and challenges.  And when dealing with cases such as catastrophic injury claims, not only is a highly professional approach required – but one of empathy, diligence, and awareness is crucial to a positive outcome too.

Since 2000, the County Costs Consultants’ team of law costs draftsman and law cost negotiators has been dealing with an extensive variety of demanding, challenging and intricate catastrophic injury claims.  We take pride in our ability to recover legal costs quickly and efficiently.  And we understand the importance of attention to detail and patience when dealing with complex arguments.

We believe that our expertise and competence is essential to ensuring successful catastrophic injury claim resolutions and outcomes.  So for further information on County Cost Consultants’ unrivalled legal costs knowledge and customer service, or to discuss your case in more detail, please call 0844 579 6885 or send us an email

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We have used the services of County Cost Consultants Ltd for a number of years now and their performance and the results they achieve have been consistently excellent and better than all other costs draftsmen or lawyers that we have used previously. They consistently produce excellent bills and achieve very quick and very good results and payments. Alex Clapp, Director, often has personal conduct of negotiating settlements in our cases and this leads to a superb level of recovery for us. We have also always found County Cost’s staff without exception to be extremely competent, thorough and efficient. I would recommend County Cost’s services very highly indeed.
Michael Saul, TJL solicitors
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