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Not long to go till Alex's charity fight night!

Posted Wednesday 6th May 2015

As most of you know I have signed up to one of the most hare brain schemes of my life!! I am not sure if I am having a midlife crisis or I am just trying to do something good, I must just add that this was agreed to whilst having had a large intake of alcohol and now that I have signed on the dotted line there is no return

My original fight got cancelled so I have very kindly been accepted to fight on a police show, I am very privileged to have been accepted to do this and I am honoured as part of the night is to raise money for Dave Bolton a friend of mine who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour and for anyone who knows Dave know what a great guy he is. 

The show will be on  May the 16th in Liverpool, the 2013 event had over 600 people watching so as you can imagine this is going to take a huge amount of bottle and will be a real challenge to overcome. I would love for as many of you as possible to come and watch and support me but even more so I would love for all of you to sponsor me for this moment of madness that I have had, there is no amount too small and I really do want to try and raise as much money as possible

If anyone wants tickets please let me know asap -

And for anyone who still would like to sponsor me the links are below,

Cancer Research UK

This is close to my heart as my mum was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, thankfully she is coming out of the other side now and doing well, I witnessed the ordeal that she went through and that all the family went through and I can’t think of a better charity to choose to raise money for. The same situation has happened to 2 of my close friends as well so this has inspired me even more.

The donation page for this is 

The second charity is 

Alzheimer’s research UK

Again this is very close to my heart as one of my close friends mum’s has very sadly just passed away  from this, I have seen how much it has effected them and the family and I know that both his mum and the whole family would love nothing more than to know that people are working hard in the hope that one day other people want have to go through the same situation 

The donation page for this is

If anyone else wishes to support this please let me know and I will give you the details 

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