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Reasons why your law firm should outsource its legal costs

Posted Tuesday 16th December 2014

As a solicitor, you’ll know there are many reasons why outsourcing your legal costs is a sensible solution.  So if you’re finding that legal costs are giving you one big headache – or perhaps even a few sleepless nights – then maybe it’s time to consider the countless good reasons why your law firm should outsource its legal costs.

With an increase in cases and workloads it’s understandable that your team feels the pressure.  So by outsourcing legal costs and other lower level work, it frees up your precious time, as well as your fee earners’ valuable time, to concentrate on the more important matters in hand.

However, if you feel that there are times when it seems that outsourcing your legal costs services is a whole lot of hassle, then we understand – but it’s time to think again!  That’s because at County Cost Consultants we remove the pain from outsourcing your legal costs.  And we can assure you that there are many more pros than there are cons to outsourcing your legal costs!  So, let’s take a look at the reasons why your law firm should outsource its legal costs:

  1. Improve your cash flow by maximizing turnaround times.  It’s understandable that, if your fee earners are also responsible for legal costs negotiation and recovery, then they will inevitably give priority to their current case files and workload.  So not only will the process be slow and cumbersome, but the significant delays will have an impact on your law firm.  That’s because you won’t get paid until a case is completed, which will have a knock on effect on your all-important cash flow.
  2. Save money – and deal with a highly professional team.  At County Cost Consultants, we deal with legal costs negotiation and recovery day in and day out.  Our highly skilled law cost draftsmen and law cost negotiators have the qualifications, knowledge and experience to deal with your legal costs requirements quickly and efficiently.  So this means that not only will you save money, but you’ll also benefit from working with a highly professional team of industry experts.
  3. Let your fee earners concentrate on their own live case files.  Your fee earners will prioritise their own case files – and it’s perfectly understandable that they don’t want the distraction of legal costs negotiation and recovery eating into their valuable time.  So by outsourcing your legal costs you’re able to allow your fee earners the time they need to concentrate on their own live case files.
  4. Develop a long-term relationship with a partner you can trust.  In today’s hectic working world, we all too easily seem to forget the importance of developing long-term working relationships with trustworthy business partners.  At County Cost Consultants, we take pride in the fact that most of our clients have been with us since the start – which shows we know a thing or two about customer service too!
  5. Claimant and defendant services.  Regardless of complexity, the County Cost Consultants team of law cost draftsmen and law cost negotiators has experience of handling even the most complex of cases.  For both claimant solicitors and defendant solicitors / insurers, you and your busy legal team will have peace of mind that you’re outsourcing legal cost consulting to a very capable and efficient partner

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County Cost Consultants is one of the UK’s leading full-service law costs draftsman firms.  We understand your industry demands and challenges.  And we have the specialist knowledge to deal effectively with even the most complex of cases. 

Since 2000, County Costs Consultants has been dealing with an extensive variety of demanding and challenging claims, ranging from personal injury and clinical negligence, to industrial disease cases and professional negligence.  And we take pride in our proven ability to be able to recover legal costs with speed, efficiency and accuracy.

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We have used the services of County Cost Consultants Ltd for a number of years now and their performance and the results they achieve have been consistently excellent and better than all other costs draftsmen or lawyers that we have used previously. They consistently produce excellent bills and achieve very quick and very good results and payments. Alex Clapp, Director, often has personal conduct of negotiating settlements in our cases and this leads to a superb level of recovery for us. We have also always found County Cost’s staff without exception to be extremely competent, thorough and efficient. I would recommend County Cost’s services very highly indeed.
Michael Saul, TJL solicitors
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