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The most common – and the more unusual – reasons for personal injury claims

Posted Thursday 20th November 2014

As a solicitor, you’ll know there are many reasons as to why people may wish to claim for personal injury compensation.  From the most common to the most obscure, we’ve decided it’s time to take a closer look at personal injury claims:

The most common reasons for personal injury claims…

  1. Road accidents.  In a recent report by RoSPA, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, it is stated that the United Kingdom boasts one of the best road safety records throughout Europe.  There has been a sharp increase since the 1980s in the number of vehicles on Britain’s roads.  And despite encouraging safety statistics, in 2012 a total of 1.9 million drivers were either killed or injured in road traffic accidents (RTAs), of which 1,754 were killed, 23,039 were seriously injured, and 170,930 sustained some form of mild to moderate injury.
  2. Workplace accidents.  Employers have a duty to staff by ensuring that the environment in which they work is safe and secure.  Despite companies having a legal obligation to provide staff with the necessary training, safety and personal protective equipment (PPE), workplace accidents do still sadly happen.  In a recent article by Workplace Safety Advice, it was reported that, “A total of 229 people were killed at work and although this equates to just 0.8 per 100,000 workers, it is still a lot of lives lost”. 
  3. Clinical negligence.  In a recent report by the NHS Litigation Authority it was stated that, “Clinical claims rose by 10.8% from 9,143 claims in 2011/12 to 10,129 in 2012/13: but fewer than 1% of cases go on to contested hearing”.  With clinical negligence claims on the rise it begs the question, why?  From a misdiagnosis by GPs or healthcare providers, treatment failures, incorrect medication being prescribed, to catastrophic issues including surgical errors and birth injury.

The more unusual reasons for personal injury claims…

  1. Restaurants appear to be a pretty dangerous place when you consider some of the personal injury claims which result from a simple meal out with friends or family.
    1. Scalding.  Hot food and coffee / tea is often served at between 1300C and 1400C, and can cause third-degree burns in a matter of seconds.
    2. Slipping.  Spilled food, grease and drinks on the floor are a cause of restaurant customers’ slips and trips, and in particular in fast food restaurants.
    3. Choking.  Each year hundreds of people choke to death in the UK.  Sadly, the deaths are often a result of the restaurant staff’s inability to administer basic first-aid.
    4. Broken teeth.  Shards of glass or plastic, nuts, hard foods… Any number of factors can result in the embarrassment and expense of a broken tooth.
  2. Vending machines.  Reports state that vending machines are actually more dangerous than sharks – and you’re more likely to be killed by a vending machine toppling than a shark attack.  Each year, vending machine accidents kill about 2 people, and injure many more.  Accidents often occur as a result of vending machines being shaken.
  3. Sadly, gym workouts and hairdresser, beauty salon and spa visits can result in severe physical problems and personal injury claims.
    1. With approximately 4.5 million people in the UK having a gym membership, poorly maintained cardio and resistance equipment is a frequent cause of serious personal injury.
    2. Spas and beauty salons are a place of relaxation and enjoyment.  However, burns from waxing, and skin rashes from products are unfortunately a frequent occurrence.
    3. A trip to the hairdresser shouldn’t leave your clients with severe burns and hair loss.  However, inadequately trained staff, too much pressure, and a lack of customer and product awareness is a recipe for disaster.

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